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Unequal Tee & Cross Unequal

Unequal Tee & Cross Unequal

Butt-weld Fittings - Unequal Tee & Cross Unequal

We manufacture and supply a flawlessly engineered Unequal Tee & Cross Unequal that consists of a triplet, or a three ways and "T" pieces that can be used to either combine or split a fluid flow.

These tees are capable of handling any high or low pressure flow of liquid through it. The tees are with the same inlet and outlet sizes, but clients can also avail from us 'reducing' tees as well that have one or two ends with different in dimension, this is called an unequal tee. Due to their dimensional difference, these tee fittings help with the capacity to control the volume when required.

Similarly the unequal crosses offers nearly the same function as that of the tees, except for providing two 900 units of outlets opposite each other.

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